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The Cinch + Strike story

It all  began with a few small businesses who were either our friends or referred to us by friends, all struggling to get the results they expected from their Salesforce platform. With our guidance, we helped them transform their Salesforce platform into the core of their operations and empowered them to achieve their strategic goals.

Inspired by that success and our own firsthand experience as end users, we deeply understand the true potential of Salesforce as a powerful platform, when it is thoughtfully designed and effectively utilised - and this is where we enter the picture. We set out to bring this experience to other businesses and for over four years now, we have been enabling SMBs across New Zealand and Australia to achieve the highest value of their Salesforce platform.

Cinch + Strike are Consultants, not sellers. We are a team of eager problem solvers who partner with our Clients to deliver outcome-driven results.

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