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Beyond Business : Mr. Pic's Lesson about People and Passion

A few days ago, we had the privilege of meeting Mr. Pic from Pic's Peanut Butter , a very iconic Kiwi business, and it was one of those moments you don’t forget.

In this business world that, unfortunately, often feels all too transactional, his authenticity stood out—taking the time to meet everyone at the round table. He talked to literally each one of us, getting to know us, asking where we’re from, remembering all our names, sharing his journey as naturally as if we were old friends. We met his dog, Fido, his loyal companion; he told us about his eye condition. He shared a story about a chance encounter in a carpet shop overseas, where the owner was a fan of his peanut butter—a serendipitous moment that showed how far his peanut butter had reached. He mentioned how much he appreciated the event we attended which recognised the hard work and dedication of every deserving staff, something he strongly believes in.

As our conversation turned more personal, I couldn’t help but express to him, “Mr. Pic, you’re living a life well-lived.” I had goosebumps telling him that, and as he turned quiet for a bit, looked up, and said, “I am,” it was an affirmation he accepted with the modesty of someone who’s simply followed their passion and never thought it would be this big.

It’s encounters like these that remind us, as business owners, that the best business isn’t just about the profit but also about the people and passion behind it, and even more about the value we add to our community and the legacy we create.

To Mr. Pic (don’t worry, I’ll let the rest of the world have their own encounters with you and find out how your Mum calls you), THANK YOU for the chat and the inspiration.

You’ve reminded me to stick to my roots and my values. You are setting the bar for us all.

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