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Let's make work for you!

Cinch + Strike is your local consulting & implementation partner, located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. We are committed to empowering SMBs to get the most benefit out of their Salesforce platform. 

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Successful projects require more than just a customer-vendor relationship. Our approach is to become an integral part of our clients' teams, working collaboratively towards shared goals and outcomes.

Design & Build

Transform your business with us, through our precision-crafted solutions. We design and build custom solutions tailored to your business' unique needs.



This is where we elevate your business with our seamless Salesforce implementation and process. Our team of Consultants will bring your vision to life.

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We take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most.



We empower our Clients to get the most out of their Salesforce platform by providing them with a roadmap to self-sufficiency.

Working With the Best Clients 

The best way of describing it is that Cinch + Strike is a partner within the business, they’re almost embedded in the business to develop integration between our systems, processes.

They have the capability to fix things or to improve our processes and with that we’ve just been going ahead with leaps and bounds with Salesforce, Amazon web services using Web Connect and recently with integration with Slack, it’s just really cool stuff.

Donnie understands the product from top to toe, he is able to provide, rather than us having to navigate to try and come up with a system, we can put all the bad ideas to the side straight away and just jump to the good ideas. Mainly I interact with Dean, and Dean is talking to me about the intricacies of the final solution and then he goes away and comes back and presents that solution. I interact with Dean and Donnie at a high level and then their team behind them are drilling down and making it work, and that’s a great relationship.
I highly recommend Cinch + Strike, I think if you’re undertaking a Salesforce program and you’re really serious about it , then they’re a great partner.

Scott McLeod
Managing Director  
McLeod Cranes, Hiabs & Transport
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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